Finance for Non Financial Managers

What can we offer you?

A Full set of 10 separate modules “Finance for Non Financial Managers”.
Why would you choose our e-learning modules and not other and cheaper e-learnings?

more info?

1Each module is explained in life to you by Professor Ronald Poppe and as a human being learns much more if another human being explains it to him live, the learning effect is extremely high.

2Each module is followed by a couple of exercises given by a figure designed by a famous artist. This way of giving exercises makes it much lighter to the user to participate.

3Each person will receive free of charge the 350 pages thick book of Professor Ronald Poppe, called “Finance for Non Financial Managers”, in order to be able to reread the modules in depth afterwards.

4If a person has an element which is not clear in his mind yet, he can send an e-mail to Professor Ronald Poppe, who will be more than happy to send him a detailed answer. This answer is free of charges of course.